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The initial step is to create your own user account. Your account will be an important tool, allowing you to manage many facets of your listings--including updating your site's information down the road.

Keep in mind, we always need to be able to reach or contact you with regard to your website's listing. Murphy's Law (if anything can go wrong, it will) often prevails, and might result in linkage issues with your site (URL errors, spelling errors, broken links, non-functioning pages, missing graphics, etc.) Since email addresses often change frequently, additional contact information (address/telephone) is desired as a safe backup. Please help us to help you.

A valid email address is required to create or access your account. You will need to respond to a confirmation email at some point during your approval process. If you do not respond, or the email given is not valid, and hence bounces back to us, the review/listing process stops.

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